scar tissue management

Scars are a beautiful example of the intelligence of our body. Within seconds after injury a healing process begins which may take up to two years to complete.

Phsycial and emotional scars

Abnormal scar healing

Although our body intents to healthy scarring, wound healing is a complex and fragile process. When it's mismanaged scars can feel thick, dense, rough, lumpy, dimpled or puckered. Have less elasticity and mobility. The scar and the area around it may feel numb or on the contrary hypersensitive. Some mature scars (> 1 year) may be pale due to limited blood supply or a appear reddish due to abnormal hypervascularization.

Massage therapy, specifically connective tissue and fascia techniques are, are beneficial for scar tissue management. So is lymphatic therapy and lymph taping.


Fresh scars will be nicely formed, without permanent redness, itching, pain, edema. Old(er) scars, mostly when they are withdrawn in the tissue, can very often be improved, which greatly reduces (pain) symptoms, mobility, and visibility. Even after 15 years, improvement can be achieved!

Indications for scar treatment:

-when your doctor cannot find the cause of your pain, and you have a scar on your body of which you think could be related

-hypertrophic scars (withdrawn scars)

-red, painful, itchy, discolored, hardened, stained or poorly perfused scars

-restriction of movement due to scars

-edema (fluid retention) around scars

- after trauma / injuries for example sports injury or amputation

- after surgery, for example caesarean, tummy tuck, fracture, prosthesis

- fibrosis formation for example after radiotherapy, neglected lesions in the soft tissue (deep), bruises (hematoma)

In the developed world alone, a total of 100 million people develop scars each year as a consequence of elective operations and operations after trauma.
Current statistics estimate that over 50% of post-surgical patients will experience scar-related complications.
~Traumatic Scar Tissue management,
N. Keeney Smith & C. Ryan

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