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A few testimonials that make me smile down to my very soul. I feel humble and grateful I can people regain confidence in their body's recovery. A body intelligence we all have. 

Ana Goedbloed is a person of abundant healing talent and uncanny insight. She is one of the best bodyworkers that I have met, and brings incredible depth perception that can only come as a natural gift from birth.

I passionately recommend Ana as a healer and bodyworker.

~ Max Strom, Author, global speaker and teacher

Ana massages with 100% loving intention and her hands find the places of my discomfort easily. I feel she really connects with me and that we work together in the massage. Her patience and presence are healing, until well after the massage. I continued my day deeply, deeply relaxed.

~Simone, coach & career counselor, The Netherlands

Ana’s massages are wonderful and relaxing. Her techniques are virtually painless, yet effective, and the massage treatments makes me literally feel more comfortable in my own skin. I receive regularly treatments. On the long run I feel less vulnerable in getting muscle pains and move more confident and freely. I can tell she loves her work. This makes me feel at ease and even more relaxed.

~Wilma, phlebotomist, The Netherlands


Thank you Ana, I feel so much better! Freed from the prison I was wearing. Thank you very much indeed. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me.


What you do, Ana, is actually indescribable. I feel warmth and expansion. Everything in my body becomes smooth again and I feel so good. I am more relaxed in my own skin. It feels so nice! You know what you are doing and what I need. The treatment is relaxing and the days after I am always full of energy. Thank you so much!

~ Gretha, pedicurist, The Netherlands


Your hands are made of gold.

~ Willy, schoolteacher, The Netherlands

The definition “massage therapy” feels way too formal to describe what Ana does. For me, she is a magician, a truly gifted healer who with just a single session made disappear the pain (result of sports injury) that had been haunting me for years. I believe this can only be achieved if (like Ana) a person truly cares and wants to dig into the roots of the problem. I had lost belief that help is available (doctors nor physiotherapists had not been able to help) and tried the massage mainly out of curiosity. Although the one session I could receive from her at BOOM festival (Portugal) did not completely cure the problem, with Ana’s guidance I now know what to do. I’m really happy that our paths crossed and am deeply grateful to her for sharing her loving art.

~ Minni, lawyer, Estonia

Ana took the time to discuss my complaints that come with fibromyalgia - a condition of which she also knows a lot.

The massage was wonderfully relaxing and well adapted to my needs. I'll definitely return.

~ Anonymous

I had a wonderful massage session with Ana. I have recently moved and have always struggled to find someone who understands my body and what it is I need. Ana took the time to listen and provide a lot of feedback. But more than this, her technique was very effective. I am glad I have found Ana and hope to continue this journey of wellness with her.

~Saffiyah, HR manager, The Netherlands

I feel understood, heard, wonderfully treated, and pampered. Ana is very knowledgeable, nice and has

a personal approach. Thank you.

~Sascha, dietician, The Netherlands

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